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Customer Success Stories: Why Ideal Plus?

Why Ideal Plus Is The Only Hemp Product I'll Ever Use? by Amanda B.

Recently, I've had stressful days at work more often than not. When the day was busy, I reach even a higher level of stress and anxiety; I usually freeze up and couldn't get much done anymore. Some of you could probably relate.

Even after work, I couldn't shake the feeling of anxiety, which means I'm getting barely any sleep at night.

One day, I noticed something exciting on my co-worker's desk. It looked like a little white sampler or something, and then I saw her dropping oil from the bottle into her mouth, and I was so confused.

Why Ideal Plus Is The Only Hemp Product I'll Ever Use? by Amanda B.I asked, "Kristina, what's that?" "It's hemp. Try it," she replied. "It'll make you feel better. I keep getting them from Ideal Plus".

Hemp oil? At the office?! I never heard about it or seen it, but I didn't know too much about it. I asked, "What does it do?"

She said that it helps her with pain and anxiety. "I take it for anxiety during the day mostly," she said, "but my dad takes it for his lower back pain."

Even though it worked great for Kristina, I was quite scared to use it. I mean, does it make you high? How much should I take? She sent me the Ideal Plus website and some articles to learn about their products, and I was impressed with all the information and positive reviews from their customers.

They have real people's testimonials, and their blog section was very informative. After doing my research about that product, I felt a lot better about trying it.

Why Ideal Plus Is The Only Hemp Product I'll Ever Use?

I did a quick research for other brands on google, but the Ideal Plus site was the most transparent, with plenty of reviews from real people and lots of useful information. So I decided to proceed and order my drops, and they arrived within a few days.

After trying the CBD day formula from Ideal Plus, I took only 0.5ml first time to see how it works; I was relaxed but still sharp and productive at work. A few nights later, when I was anxious after a long day and couldn't sleep at night, I reached for the Ideal Plus. This time I took a 1ml dose. It made me feel super relaxed and sleepy. It was a good feeling.

My brother recently had trouble sleeping, so I directed him to the Ideal Plus. He got their night formula, which has helped him fix his sleeping disorder, so much so that he decided to subscribe and save, and he now gets 20% off his bottles every month. I'd recommend Ideal Plus to anyone who wants to try hemp but is unsure where to start.

FDA Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. CBD product are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.