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Does CBD Go Bad?

Does CBD Go Bad? - Does CBD Oil Expire?

Does CBD Oil Expire? The answer is yes. CBD oil can expire, just like any other supplement or food product that you have in your home, but you will need to know how to prolong its shelf life. Unlike most of the foods and supplements in your home, however, the shelf life of hemp derived CBD is relatively long.


Just like any supplement or food, CBD oil does expire and it has a shelf life of one to two years. But one thing is for sure, if you purchase a low-quality product it will most likely be expired the second you use the first drop.


So, when does this change? How do you know if the CBD is still good or no longer has any value? This article takes a look at when CBD oil expires, how to know when it has gone bad, and the signs of bad quality oil.


CBD Oil Quality 


Just like any supplement or food, CBD oil does expire and has a shelf life of 12 to 18 months depending on how you store the CBD and the quality of it. Despite the one to two years before the oil goes bad, these products will eventually degrade and expire. 


CBD Oil Shelf Life 


CBD is known for its anti-oxidizing properties, which keep it from going bad easily. However, this also means that there are little CBD molecules in each drop of oil that make up your product. When you buy CBD oil you are buying a fluid with cannabinoids dissolved in it, not solid CBD crystals. Because of this, CBD oil does expire after time even though its quality stays intact for longer periods of time. Like many liquids that are extended with fillers, your jar of CBD might not contain only pure hemp extract but also other oils mixed in. While there are no exact expiration dates on when your product will be unusable, it is recommended that you store your hemp.


What Happens if You Take Expired CBD Oil?


There are a lot of reasons an individual would want to know what happens if you take expired CBD oil. Perhaps the most common reason is that a person has a bottle of CBD oil that they have been using for a long time and they aren't sure how much longer they will be able to continue to use it.


In some cases, an individual may have purchased a bottle of CBD oil from a store and it is approaching the expiration date. In this type of situation, an individual may want to know what happens if you take expired CBD oil so that they can get rid of the bottle before any more of it gets used up.


There are also instances where a person may have some leftover CBD oil from one purchase and then decide to purchase some more. In some cases, a person may use up some of the old oil before realizing that some new stock has arrived. In this type of situation, a person will likely want to find out what happens if you take expired CBD oil.


After all, no one wants to consume CBD oil that isn't going to offer them all of the positive effects they were hoping for when they purchased it in the first place.


CBD oil that has gone bad smells awful. It's unpleasant to consume, and the small amounts occasionally needed for serious conditions are not worth the risk of taking something that tastes and smells terrible.


If you are not sure whether or not your CBD oil has expired, the best way to find out is to contact the manufacturer directly. They will be able to tell you if their products expire and give you tips on storing your CBD in the best way possible.


How To Preserve CBD Oil?


CBD oil is not like medicine or food, so there is no exact expiration date on the bottle. However, if you want to use the oil for a long time, you need to follow some suggestions: 


1. Store it in a cool and dry place; 

2. Keep away from children; 

3. Remove the old oil before adding new one; 

4. Make sure that there is no bad smell; 

5. Keep the CBD oil in the dark place;


CBD oil lasts longest in a cool dark place like a cabinet or drawer. Be sure that no sunlight or bright light gets into the container because this will cause it to spoil faster. The same goes for heat; try to avoid storing it in places where there is too much warmth. Also, be careful about opening and closing the lid too often; every time you open it up you let out precious oxygen which could degrade the product faster.