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Organic CBD Pre-Rolls (1.4g)
CBD Pre-Rolls
CBD Pre-Rolls
Organic CBD Pre-Rolls (1.4g) provide a citrusy aroma and smooth taste. 14% CBD and contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Our palm leaf pre-rolls are a convenient way to experience the highest quality CBD flower. Cascade Opps is designed to benefit consumers with conditions such as pain, inflammation, or anxiety. Cascade Opps offers a tame experience that eases the muscles into relaxation without too much mental cloudiness.
CBD Pre-Rolls
Organic CBD Pre-Rolls (1.4g) by Ideal Plus
CBD Pre-Rolls 2023
CBD Pre-Rolls
Best CBD Pre-Rolls
Organic CBD Pre-Rolls (1.4g) provide a citrusy aroma and smooth taste.

    Bubba Kush 30% CBD Pre-Rolls (1.4g)

    $12.99 $16.00

    Our Ideal Plus Organic CBD Pre-Rolls are the perfect introduction to the world of CBD use. Each 1.4-gram preroll is made with pure premium hemp flower that has 32% of total cannabinoids (highest CBD potency on market) and less than 0.2% THC to deliver a potent dose of CBD while avoiding the sore throat and dry eyes associated with smoking marijuana. Our Organic CBD Pre-Rolls are made with 32% CBD, and we roll them in a small batch to make sure they're always fresh. With its familiar appearance and smooth smoking experience, CBD pre-rolls make it easy to get your daily dosage of CBD while providing benefits that could improve your quality of life.

    • 32% of Total Cannabinoids (highest CBD potency on market)
    • 100% Organic Palm Leaf Pre-Roll Wrap
    • No additives, no cutting agents, no pesticides.
    • Ships In Hermetically Sealed Glass Containerto Preserve Freshness.
    • 3rd Party Lab Tested for quality and legal compliance
    • Cultivated In Portland, Oregon.
    • Less than 0.2% D9-THC

    Ideal Plus Organic CBD Pre-Rolls offer uplifting effects that make you feel calm, without making your mind feel hazy or disconnected.
    Smokers are loving our pre-rolls, because, after their first few puffs, they feel a full-body vibe that has been likened to a "euphoric lift" that doesn't alter your mental state or make you paranoid. Talk about natural. With the Organic CBD Pre-Rolls, you're getting the benefits of cannabis without the high. It also doesn't take long before it kicks in—really, just a couple of minutes. Time for a puff?

    Smoking Organic CBD Pre-Rolls is an easy way to get the benefits of whole plant medicine into your bloodstream. The hemp used for this product comes from Oregon, where it's grown organically without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Each pre-roll contains 1.4g of hemp-derived CBD, which creates a potent, natural body high that can help take the edge off the day.

    Organic CBD Pre-Rolls are the easiest way to enjoy high-quality CBD in an instant. Simply light one up, listen to some music, chill out, and become mesmerized with your thoughts, stress-free.

    Why Organic CBD Pre-Rolls?

    One of the newest forms of CBD products on the market is organic 30% CBD palm leaf pre-rolls. These pre-rolls are made from organic, sustainably-grown hemp that has been carefully cultivated to contain high levels of CBD. The hemp is then ground up and rolled into a cone-shaped joint, similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette. However, unlike tobacco cigarettes, these pre-rolls are completely tobacco-free and contain only pure, natural CBD.

    One of the main benefits of organic 30% CBD palm leaf pre-rolls is that they are incredibly convenient to use. They are pre-rolled, so all you have to do is light up and enjoy the effects of CBD. This makes them a great option for people who are on the go and don't have time to roll their own joints or use other forms of CBD, such as tinctures or capsules.

    Another advantage of these pre-rolls is that they are made from organic hemp. This means that they are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or other harmful chemicals. This not only makes them healthier for you to consume, but it also means that they are better for the environment. Organic farming practices are more sustainable and have a smaller carbon footprint compared to conventional farming methods.

    In terms of potency, these pre-rolls are very high in CBD. Each joint contains 30% CBD, which is significantly higher than many other CBD products on the market. This makes them a great option for people who need a strong, fast-acting dose of CBD.

    So, how do these pre-rolls compare to other forms of CBD? One of the main differences is the way that CBD is absorbed into the body. When you smoke or vape CBD, it is absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs, which allows it to take effect very quickly. This makes pre-rolls a great option for people who need immediate relief from conditions such as anxiety or pain.

    On the other hand, CBD products that are taken orally, such as tinctures or capsules, are absorbed through the digestive system. This means that it can take longer for the effects to be felt, but the effects may also last longer. It's worth noting that smoking or vaping CBD may not be suitable for everyone, as it can have negative effects on the respiratory system.

    Overall, organic 30% CBD palm leaf pre-rolls are a convenient and effective way to consume CBD. They are made from high-quality, organic hemp and are very potent, making them a great choice for people who need a strong dose of CBD. Just be sure to keep in mind that smoking or vaping may not be suitable for everyone, and it's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.


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